Green Design Lab


Green Design Lab is a K–12 science education program focused on STEM skills, renewable energy and sustainable design. This was a years-long project which encompassed branding, print design, web design, and video. Below is a small selection of work.

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WEBSITE: The GDL program was a traditional in-person educational presentation until I built a content-rich and resource heavy membership-based site which included video tutorials, curriculum materials and reference materials. The site launched GDL into a whole new business model and still serves as one of the best science education resources for NYC’s educators.

Adam Bezer Solar One

VIDEO: Selected by the National Science Foundation’s 2016 Video Showcase for the Facilitators’ Choice Award (one of only 13 videos chosen from 154), the video stood out despite a shoestring budget ($300) and a 3-week deadline to plan, shoot and edit. For a 1-man job, it was a great experience and a successful piece of communication design that articulates the depth of the company’s mission.

CURRICULUM: The CleanTech Curriculum is over 700 pages of science education in STEM skills and focuses on Energy, Water, Food and Materials. Because the content was so varied and unpredictable, I set a narrow column on each page to place captions, footnotes, images, hyperlinks and more. It was a smart move, as the layout became elastic and able to accommodate whatever content was needed while providing some much needed white space. I also created many of the illustrations.

ENERGY-cover page5 page3 page2 materials p3 fp1 p4 food food-p3 food-p1 food-p2 water water-p1 water-p2 water-p3 Web Web